Call for Proposals

Written by Bonnie Chandler

The Future of Community Development: the Field and the Society

CDS 2022 Virtual Conference | July 17-20, 2022

Amidst an ongoing global pandemic, social uprisings, and a divisive political climate, these past few years have invited us all to reckon with our identities, our work, and our futures. Many are seeing with more clarity the vast inequities and injustices of our governments and economies that impact the financial, physical, and mental wellbeing of our communities. Where do we go with this knowledge? How do we leverage this moment to recommit to racial, economic, and environmental justice?

Community Development is a transdisciplinary field of study and practice - having academic homes in planning, public administration, sociology, macro social work, and more - and practitioners across levels of government, nonprofit CDCs, developers, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurs. While our specializations may be vastly different, we come together around commitments to collaboration, community-driven practice, community sovereignty, dignity within diversity, informed practice, liberation and empowerment, social justice, and sustainability. Together, the work of community development is inherently richer and more inclusive; together, we can lean into all forms of justice that ground our work.

Call for Proposals (due April 30, 2022)

The call for proposals is now open! We are excited to welcome your proposals for the following:

  • Presentations on a single topic: this is a traditional submission for a conference paper or single topic presentation. You will have 20 minutes within a 75 minute session, and will present alongside similar topics.
  • Introductions of new tools and methods: this is a shorter presentation, you will have 15 minutes to introduce a new tool or method, alongside a variety of presentations.
  • Organized roundtable discussions: organize a facilitated discussion on a topic, 75 minutes
  • Organized themed panels: organize a panel of three or so presentations on a general theme, 75 minutes
  • Posters: attend poster session and prepare a 5 minute talk

To submit a proposal, please use this google form: You will be asked to indicate the type of proposal you'd like to submit, the relevant focus area(s), and your contact information. You will then need to upload a document with the appropriate details (outlined in the google form.) Please feel free to use these templates for your convenience:

If you have any questions or any trouble with the form, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to reading your proposals and seeing you (virtually) in July!

Conference Theme Focus Areas

Under the theme The Future of Community Development: the Field and the Society, there are four focus areas, each with several sub-categories. These help us achieve coherence among breakout sessions as well as the conference overall. We look forward to engaging these topics with you in July!

People: the social sphere of community building

  • Community organizing and building collective power
  • Building and enhancing human and social capital
  • Navigating changing demographics due to migration and displacement
  • Building communities of interest/identity/practice (as opposed to communities of place)
  • Participatory practice, self-governance, and community control

Place: the environmental sphere of community development

  • Equitable Planning and development of built environment
  • Planning, stewardship, and restoration of natural environment
  • The rural/urban divide, and the future of cities and rural communities
  • Environmental justice

Prosperity: the economic sphere of community economic development 

  • Small business development and financing
  • Solidarity economies, alternative economies, or market-based solutions
  • Community financing for social, economic, and physical infrastructures
  • Creating and connecting to robust employment opportunities in changing economies

Reflective Practice: reflections on practice and scholarship

  • Community development education
  • Critical approaches to community development practice and research



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