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Carrie M. Staton

What I am working on:

What I am working on:
I am the Director at the Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center (NBAC) at West Virginia University. I oversee the identification and pursuit of research priorities and opportunities for the NBAC, including facilitating collaboration with faculty and communities on such topics as brownfields and community development; community engagement; and the environmental, economic, health, and social impacts of brownfields.

My main focus is on education on brownfields and redevelopment, through network building, educational conferences, and webinars. I am currently working to grow the Central Appalachian Brownfields Innovation Network, which provides education on the benefits of the sustainable redevelopment of brownfields and formerly mined lands. CABIN works with stakeholders across Appalachia through face-to-face and a virtual platform for peer exchange of best practices and tools by facilitating redevelopment experience-sharing between brownfield-impacted communities in Central Appalachia. CABIN matches redevelopment leaders and stakeholders from across the region with communities facing similar opportunities and challenges, allowing communities to learn from the best practices and experiences of their peers.

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Work experience / Education:
Carrie has experience in grantwriting, community engagement, program development & evaluation, and event planning. Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Nonprofit Administration from Bethany College and a Master of Public Administration degree from West Virginia University.

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Carrie M. Staton is the Director of the Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center at West Virginia University. Carrie provides operational leadership, including development and management of internal processes; program development and implementation; financial and administrative oversight; and partnership development and management. She also manages programs and projects related to community engagement, education, research, and collaborative redevelopment, including the WV Redevelopment Collaborative and the Redevelopment Expert Exchange. Carrie oversees the identification and pursuit of research priorities and opportunities for the Center, including facilitating collaboration with faculty and communities. Carrie is a proud alum of Bethany College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Administration, and of West Virginia University, where she received a Master of Public Administration. She is a member of the WVU Council for Women’s Concerns and Board Secretary of PopShop, Inc., a nonprofit music academy dedicated to providing quality music education while working to nurture artistic and personal growth in students of all ages. Carrie, a native of Mullens, worked briefly in park revitalization in underserved neighborhoods in Washington, DC before the draw of the mountains pulled her home to West Virginia to continue her studies and enter the world of community development, a cause she has dedicated her life to and which brings great personal and professional fulfillment, especially in her home among the hills. Carrie lives in Fairmont with her husband John.
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Co-Chair, Awards & Recognition Committee
Board Member
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Mary Parker Follett, Prophet of Management, edited by Pauline Graham
The New State, Mary Parker Follett
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Mary Parker Follett; community engagement; brownfields; environmental; event planning; structured engagement
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