Annual Conferences

CDS hosts an annual conference on its own or in collaboration with partners like the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) and the International Association for Community Development (IACD). Presentations, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities are common offerings hosted by practitioners and scholars alike.

Check for information and updates about the upcoming annual conference.

Past Conference Archive:                                                     

2021 North Dakota – Global Challenges, Local Resilience

2020 North Dakota – Cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

2019 Columbia, Missouri – 50th Anniversary Celebration

2018 Detroit, Michigan – Renaissance of Community

2017 Big Sky, Montana  Bold Partnerships: Moving Mountains Together

2016 Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota  Sustaining Community Change; Building Local Capacity to Sustain Community Development Initiatives

2015 Lexington, Kentucky – Creativity and Culture: Community Development Approaches for Strengthening Health, Environment, Economic Vibrancy, Social Justice and Democracy

2014 Dubuque, Iowa – Renaissance: From Vision to Action

2013 Charleston, South Carolina – Beyond the Boundaries: Creating Innovation Through Regional Collaboration

2012 Cincinnati, Ohio – Celebrating Community:  Sustaining Community Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2011 Boise, Idaho – Innovative & Creative Strategies for Constructive Community Change

2010 New Orleans, Louisiana – The Role of Community Development in Economic and Disaster Recovery

2009 Memphis, Tennessee – Celebrating Community: Finding Hope in Uncertain Time

2008 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Conversation, Collaboration, and Democracy: Creative Community Engagement

2007 Appleton, Wisconsin – The Magic of Community:  History, Change, and Regional Development

2006 St. Louis, Missouri – Communities That Click: Individuals, Families, and Organizations Working Together

2005 Baltimore, Maryland – Linking Community Development Practice to Public Police

2004 Cleveland, Ohio – Chance or Choice? The Urban Rural Futures

2003 Ithaca, New York – Community As Place

2002 Cleveland, Mississippi – Building Peace: Community and Diversity

2001 Duluth, Minnesota – The Times They Are A-Changing: Working Partnerships for Viable Communities

2000 St. John, New Brunswick, Canada – Rising Tide: Community Development for a Changing World

1999 Spokane, Washington – Community Building: Weaving the Fabric of Resilient Communities

1998 Kansas City, Missouri – Sustainability & Community: Critical Connections

1997 Athens, Georgia – Reflections & Visions on the Learning Community

1996 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Windows on the World

1995 Fayetteville, Arkansas – A Vision of Justice Through the Globe of Villages

1994 Lincoln, Nebraska – Yesterday’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Design

1993 Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Rededicating Ourselves to Community

1992 Charleston, South Carolina – Communities in TransitionDiversity & Equality: Voices & Action

1991 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Developing Sustainable Communities: Local Empowerment for a Global Environment                        

1990 Little Rock, Arkansas – Community Development: Building Bridges for the 21st Century

1989 St. Louis, Missouri – Community Development’s Heritage and Horizons

1988 Davenport, Iowa – Community Development: Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Vision

1987 Morgantown, West Virginia – Community Development: Responses to Emerging Realities

1986 Carbondale, Illinois – Capturing Community Initiative: Issues, Needs, Challenges

1985 Logan, Utah – Community Development: Creating Our Future

1984 Clarksville, Indiana – Community Development: What Works!

1983 Guelph, Ontario, Canada – Strategies and Implications for Community Development in a Period of Great Change

1982 Madison, Wisconsin – Creating Better Communities: Putting Theory Into Practice

1981 Hershey, Pennsylvania – Community Development Issues and Responsibilities

1980 Arcata, California – Cherishing the Past; Choosing the Future

1979 Kansas City, Missouri – Developing Support Through Participation

1978 Blacksburg, Virginia – Community Development: Making a Difference

1977 Hot Springs, Arkansas – Advocating Excellence in Community Development

1976 Boise, Idaho – Together: Let’s Put It Altogether

1975 East Lansing, Michigan – Current External Impact on Communities: Creative Responses

1974 Wilmington, North Carolina – Two Societies in Transition

1973 Vail, Colorado – The Power of Partnership in Community Development

1972 Columbus, Ohio – Community Development: For Quality Living

1971 Stillwater, Oklahoma – Community Development: Change, Commitment, Action

1970 Athens, Georgia – Developing a Sense of Community

1969 Columbia, Missouri – Community Development Issues

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