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Community Development and Community Well-Being:

Exploring Relational Frameworks and Constructs

April 21, 2022, 1PM Eastern Time

Rhonda Philips, Purdue University

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How happy are our communities? Community well-being (CWB) is gaining attention as an emerging construct for understanding the collective “wellness” of a city, town, or neighborhood. Many of the same aspects of CWB have long been a part of community development scholarship and practice. In this webinar, we will explore how Community Developers are putting these ideas into practice.


Empathy, Community, and Youth: A Critical Intersection for Research and Practice

March 21, 2022

Mark Brennan (Penn State) and Pat Dolan (National University of Ireland, Galway)

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The critical intersection of empathy and individual and community well-being is increasingly being recognized. Included is a large and diverse body of knowledge linking empathy to positive social, emotional, and ultimately community development and achievement. In this setting, youth are being recognized as vital players in these processes.  

This webinar seeks to: 1) bring together diverse scholarly literature to show the social and biophysical impacts of empathy on well-being at the individual and wider community level; 2) provide a conceptual understanding that links and continues empathy development from the childhood, through youth, and into adulthood for sustained community action and engagement; and 3) explore ways for continuing empathy development across the lifespan, linking these to purposive community building actions.  


Successful Disaster Recovery: Lessons in Re-Inventing a Small Town After a Tornado

February 25, 2022

Angela Denton (Pilger, NE); Milan Wall (Heartland Center); Kurt Mantonya (Nebraska Public Policy Center)

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This webinar explores community development responses to a devastating tornado in Pilger, Nebraska. Insights from this seminar are intended to help community leaders and Extension educators as they work in communities responding to devastating natural disasters.

Sponsored by UK Extension, CEDIK; The Community Development Society; and The Heartland Center, University of Nebraska.

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