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New Dues Options

Dear CDS Members:

The CDS is your professional organization, and we are dedicated to finding the most effective ways we can support you in CD practice, teaching, and research activities. In our membership survey last spring you suggested ways to improve CDS services and during the past six months, we have been implementing positive changes to expand services for CDS members.

  • Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society, published quarterly since 2006, will offer five issues per year beginning in 2012. The Journal continues to enrich its content, with more articles in each issue, and it is now archived on-line, making it easier to search.  A book series on innovative practices in community development has been launched this year to help CD practitioners remain current with the literature.
  • A regular Webinar series offered by CDS, and often in partnership with other organizations, is drawing ever-increasing participation from members (who receive special membership savings) and non-members alike.
  • The expanded monthly Vanguard e-newsletter informs members of current happenings, and provides a direct link to related activities and valuable information sources.
  • The CD Practice Series is active again and will provide information about promising practices for use in the day-to-day activities of community development professionals.
  • The CDS Endowment, thanks to the efforts of the Roots and Wings Campaign, will provide three scholarships in 2011 for members and students to participate in our annual international conference. Continued growth in the Endowment will provide more scholarships and other benefits to our members in the coming years.
  • The 2010 and 2011 annual international conferences have been co-sponsored with sister organizations opening new professional opportunities and networks – both domestic and international – to CDS members. Our conference is in Boise, Idaho in 2011 and Cincinnati, Ohio in 2012.
  • Social networking by CDS is expanding, with access to Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and other emerging venues, making it easier for our members to access and share information needed in their daily practices.

The value of your membership has increased and we recognize how important it is to justify costs in these difficult budget times. While expanding and updating services, the CDS Board also reduced organizational costs where possible. Cost-saving steps include finding lower-cost conference venues, renegotiating the administrative management and Journal publishing contracts, and taking fuller advantage of electronic rather than print communications for members and the public. The Board of Directors has assumed more personal responsibility for costs of attending meetings, conference calls, and related board activities.

CDS has not raised dues for the past four years but we have to adjust them for 2011 to cover the costs of expanded services. Discounts are offered to students, retirees, households, and now any member who chooses to receive electronic-only versions of the CDS Journal. The dues schedule for 2011 is shown below, and is also posted on the CDS web site ( The revised schedule provides members with a money-saving option to subscribe to the Journal on an on-line basis only or to continue to receive print copies. CDS dues are competitive with other professional associations and we provide more member benefits.

Maintaining CDS as a high quality and useful professional organization requires adapting to changing circumstances. As first and second generation members retire, CDS must be an organization that offers services relevant to the next generations of community developers, and one that offers up-to-date resources and support to the field of community development. We would like to hear your ideas about ways to enhance the Society and encourage your active involvement  – as a member, presenter, author, reviewer, committee member, or board officer – while we move forward into the next decade.


Best wishes,

Norman Walzer


CDS 2011 Dues, by Membership Category



Dues Effective July 2011


Dues Effective July 2011

Regular - E


Regular - P


Student - E

$  65

Student - P

$  75

Household - E


Household - P


Retiree - E

$  95

Retiree - P


E-Members can read and/or download the CDS Journal copies from the CDS web site, but will not receive printed copies of theJournal.

P-Members can read and/or download the CDS Journal copies from the CDS web site, plus they receive printed copies of the Journal



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