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Aug 06

Each year the Society has the privilege of recognizing the achievements of outstanding leaders, organizations, and champions in the field of community development.  We pause collectively for an evening during the Annual Meeting of the Community Development Society to reflect, celebrate success, and express gratitude for the contributions being made in the field. In 2013, eight awards were presented by the Society.  Sharon Gulick, 2012-2013 Community Development Society President, is pictured below presenting each of these awards.  The face of community development and the Society would look vastly different without the contributions of each of these individuals and programs.  



Donald W. Littrell New Professional Award, presentedto Whitney McIntyre Miller, PhD, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership with Northern Kentucky University



Current Research Award, presented to Edward “Ted” Jackson, PhD, Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University



Community Development Achievement Award, presented to Milan Wall, Co-Director of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development



Duane L. Gibson Distinguished Service Award, presented to Jane Leonard, Community Vitality Advisor



Innovative Program Award, presented to The Great Community Book Read, a collaborative effort between the South Dakota State University Department of Sociology and Rural Studies, Department of Political Science and Extension



Outstanding Program Award, presented to the Stronger Economies Together (SET) Program, led by Bo Beaulieu, Rachel Welborn, Dave Sears, and Suzzette Agans



Outstanding Student Award, presented to Mark Porth, Intern, The University of Missouri Extension’s Community and Economic and Entrepreneurial Development (ExCEED) Program



Friend of Community Development Award, presented to Ed Levy, Director of Architecture and a Principal with Cromwell Architects Engineers

More information regarding the Awards presented by the Society is available here.  Nominations for award recipients are solicited from the membership each Spring. 

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Aug 01

As our regular communications become increasingly digital, a time for renewal has come for Vanguard. The next issue of Vanguard will showcase its new sleek and computer friendly design. This blog has been created to facilitate the effectiveness of Vanguard by housing online posts, making it easier to skim and access the Vanguard information most relevant to you. I hope you enjoy the new Vanguard and I encourage your feedback as the new design is tweaked. I'm here and I'm listening.


Cindy Banyai, Editor

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